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COM Type Pneumatic Oil Mist Lubricator



COM resistance lubricator is suitable for oil or cutting fluid.


COM is suitable for all kinds of cutting tool machines and can effectively cool down the temperature.

The oil mist outlet can be assembled with an OB Spray Gun, various spray nozzles or adjustable

coolant hoses, etc.


The volume of oil can be adjusted by an oil volume adjuster upon the need for better result. Turn the

Oil Volume Adjuster anticlockwise, and increase the air pressure for increasing the oil volume. Turn

the Oil Volume Adjuster clockwise, and decrease the air pressure for reducing the oil volume.


It is easy to observe the oil discharge through the oil dropping window.


The power of COM air pressure can be controlled by a compressor or an electric solenoid valve as an

air pressure power switch.


Recommend the air pressure range 4 ~ 8 kg for better oil mist result.


Forbid filling used oil or any volatile liquid. Impure oil may damage the function of unit. Improper use

causes any malfunction of the unit is not under warranty.


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