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OC Type Oil-Air Volume Distributor



Use air pressure to atomize the lubricant, and equally spread out on the lubrication points.


It can supply fixed and accurate volume of oil for each lubricating point.


If the oil pipes are with different lengths, the air pressure of each outlet of OC distributor can be

adjusted to assure air pressure for each discharge outlet equally.


There are different discharge volumes for options as 0.01cc, 0.03cc, 0.06cc, 0.10cc, 0.16cc

per stroke. Please indicate the discharge volume for each outlet while placing an order.


The oil would be stored inside of OC volume distributor at the first time use, then discharging oil

every time when the motor starts.


OC type volume distributor must work with pressure-relief type oil lubricators. The suitable range

of oil operation pressure is 20~30 kgf/cm² and air operation pressure is 3.5~7 kgf/cm²


The suitable oil viscosity range is 10~68 cSt@40°C. Forbid filling oil with ester or ethylene glycol

or any volatile liquid.


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