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CESG03 Type Pressure-Relief Electric Lubricator



CESG03 is pressure-relief type electric lubricator, which can be operated by Programmable Logic

Controller (PLC). Recommend to work with volume distributors.


The discharge volume is fixed. The lubrication points of volume distributor supply a fixed flow of oil.


CESG03 type can be added a pressure switch on request.


It has a float switch that can detect the oil volume. When oil is lower than the minimum level, the float

switch will automatically send a continuous signal.


It has a force feed-oil button ( F button), slightly press the F button for three seconds and the oil will

feed immediately.


Please don't press the force feed-oil button ( F button) more than three minutes in order to avoid

overloading. When the temperature reaches 100, the sensor will be on to stop the motor continue

running about 5 minutes.


Application of Machines Equipment:

1. It usually works with Processing or Projecting Machine or Lathe.


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