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CCB Type Large Volume Piston Distributor





Fixed amount of oil feeding. It can deliver equal amount of oil to each lubricating point.


CCB Type Large Volume Distributor is designed as a singular outlet unit with fixed discharge

volume. There are two options of discharge volume as 1.0c.c. (marked as two groove in the

diagram) and 1.5c.c. (marked as threegrooves in the diagram). CCB-1 can be assembled with

a D type distributor to increase the outlet numbers from one outlet to eight outlets and each

discharge volume of outlets can be different upon request.


For the first time use, the oil will be accumulated in the main body of CCB while the lubricator

operates. Afterwards, the distributor discharges oil simultaneously during the operation time of

the lubricator, and the minimum of interval time is every 5 minutes.


CCB Type Large Volume Distributors have to work with Pressure-Relief Type Oil Lubricators.

The lowest operation pressure is 8kgf/cm², and the max pressure is 30kgf/cm².


The viscosity range of oil is 32-90cSt@40.


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