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OT Type Spray Gun (Air and Oil Volume Adjustable)




Based on siphon principle, OT type spray gun works independently without lubricators. OT is a economic compact spray gun with low cost.


OT has one air inlet and one oil inlet. The oil-mist result is superior without dripping.


OT has one air volume adjuster and one oil volume adjuster. Air and oil volume can be adjusted upon the need.


Recommend using air pressure supply around 4 to 8kgf/cm2. The higher the air pressure, the higher the suction power. High suction power, low oil viscosity grade, short pipes, and small oil inlet bore result in better oil-mist effect.


OT has a reverse stopper to prevent backflow of oil.


The suitable oil viscosity range for OT is 0~68cSt@40oC. Forbid filling volatile oil, such as oil contains lipid or ethylene glycol.


Standard OT is supplied with an accessory package, which contains a 2L oil tank, a reverse stopper and a nylon pipe (either φ4x300cm or φ6x150cm).


OT can be added with a magnetic chuck on request to be fixed on any ferromagnetic surface.


OT is suitable for the machines that require minimum quantity lubrication with low-viscosity-grade oil or water, such as stamping equipments, tapping machines, bank saw machines. OT only needs a small amount of oil to provides consistent lubrication.


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