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CESMA Type Resistance Electric Lubricator



CES resistance type electric lubricator series include CESA/B, CESMA/B, CESC and CESS(B) types.

The accessories are different by each model. Please refer to the specification for further details.


CES series can provide fixed amount of oil with fixed interval time setting. Once connecting to the

power, the lubricator works automatically.


The interval time could be set up on request (2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes), and it is not able to be

adjusted by the users.


The discharge volume could be set up on request and users can adjust it by themselves. The

standard specification of discharge volume is 3-6 cc/stroke, but 1-6 cc/stroke is also available on



CES series use a Japanese synchronous motor, worm gear and a worm shaft working together.


CESB, CESMB and CESC type have float switches for detecting the oil level.


The standard specification of the float switch for CESB type and CESMB type are NO contact but for

CESC type is NC contact.


Application of Machines Equipment:

1. It is suitable for the machinery which needs fixed interval time and discharge volume.

2. It usually works with desktop lathes or woodworking machinery or press machines.


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