• CYP-204-1-04-D
  • CYP-208-1-08-D-Y

Horizontal Motor with Heavy Oil Pump

Please select the specifications you need.:

*Heavy Oil Pump
*Adjustable Pressure Valve
Special Request

  1. The pressure and discharge volume is bigger than the rotary oil pump. It's easy to operate and install.
  2. Recommend to assemble with adjustable valve and working pressure under 10kgf/cm² in order to avoid damaging oil pump function.
  3. Use clean oil to avoid the block or damage the pump.
  4. Standdard fixed-hole direction is \. If the fixed-hole direction is /, please mark ※ T on order code.
  5. The standard fixed hole is 125x100mm for 1/2HP motor assembled with heavy oil pump. If the fixed hole needs to be 112x90mm, please mark ※K while ordering.
  6. The connector can help to reduce the noise while the motor is operating. It also can make the shaft much more durable. With a dust-shelter for the safety concern.
  7. 1/2HP and 1HP TECO motor are available on request. Please mark ※ M while ordering.
  8. The proper oil viscosity is 32~220cSt@40℃9.
  9. Recommend to install an Oil Auto Cleaner or a Line Filter to prevent any impurities from clogging or causing damage to the heavy oil pump in order to prolong the life cycle of heavy oil pump.
◆Application of Machinery and Equipment:

   Suitable for various kinds of Machinery.