• Float Ball / Float Switch
  • Galvanized Iron (SUS304) Float Ball
  • White Float Ball
  • Black Float Ball
  • Black Float Ball with Plastic / Alum. Float Pillar
  • Float Ball W/Float Pillar, Float Holder, and Wiring Connector

Float Ball / Float Switch

Please select the specifications you need.:

  1. There are different materials of ballcock available, such as Galvanized Iron SUS316, Polypropylene and EVA/PE materials.
  2. Max. switching current is 0.5A, max. charging current is 1A, and max. contact capacity is 50W-SPST.
  3. In order to select the proper float ballcock, the liquid's specific gravity needs to be larger than the float ballcock's specific gravity. Specific gravity of water is 1, and specific gravity of the general lubricant is between 0.85 and 0.9.
  4. When using a liquid with high viscosity, choose a large outer diameter of float ballcock so that it can have greater buoyancy to overcome surface tension and have less misjudge or malfunction when the level rises.
  5. There is a reed switch sensor inside of the float ballcock that is used for induction. Any impurities in the liquid or lubricant might cause float ballcok misjudgment, so make sure the liquid or lubricant is clean for having precise detection.