Business Philosophy

The Leading Brand of Industrial Lubrication Systems

Changhua Chen Ying Oil Machine is the leading brand in the centralized lubrication systems industry. Chen Ying was established in 1978, specializing in oil and grease lubrication products, such as manual lubricators, electric lubricators, oil pumps, oil and grease distributors, and a complete range of accessories.

With more than 40 years of professional manufacturing expertise, the Chen Ying R&D team can specifically customize the products to meet the customers' specifications and requirements. Chen Ying continues to develop new products every year to meet the market demand for efficiency and quality. Since its inception, Chen Ying has been widely acclaimed by the machinery industry and has achieved a domestic market share of over 50%. It maintains stable annual growth despite global economic fluctuations, and currently holds the position as a top Taiwanese centralized lubrication systems manufacturer.

“Integrity, Professionalism, and Quality” is our faith.

Whether in market share, quality, innovation, management, or service, Chen Ying is a pivotal manufacturer of industrial lubrication systems. An image of “integrity, professionalism, and quality” is deeply rooted in the mind of Chen Ying's customers and through the years has received a high degree of recognition and trust.

Currently, Taiwan's machine export value is among the top 5 in the global market, and approximately 50% of this machinery equipment is equipped with Chen Ying lubrication systems. Chen Ying is not only committed to enhancing the quality of domestic lubrication systems but also brings the best products to Taiwan machinery industry. Chen Ying believes that work with devoted passion and business partners together can boost Taiwan economy through perseverance and hard work even during the global recession. Chen Ying's products have been marketing world widely, such as Europe, the U.S., Asia, Middle East, and continues to expand. When participating in international machine tool exhibitions, Chen Ying is always a must visit booth for attendees from around the world.

Committed to Pursuing Quality, Widely Recognized by Awards

Chen Ying has always been committed to the business philosophy of “integrity, professionalism, and quality” and always sources the best quality parts and the most durable components within the assembly of each product. Chen Ying is continually pursuing excellence, facing every challenge with the most stringent attitude. Even though some details might not be important to some customers, Chen Ying will not compromise its product quality by making trivial short cuts.
With an insistence on overall quality, Chen Ying not only obtained BSI's ISO 9001 quality certification and CE certifications, but also received Taiwan Excellence Award and Golden Hand Award. These are all examples of the recognition earned by Changhua Chen Ying and this continued recognition is what maintains its status in the leading position for Taiwan's lubrication industry and into its growing global position.

“The growth of customers is our growth.”

Changhua Chen Ying Oil Machine is the leading brand in the centralized lubrication systems industry devotes to Innovative Research and Development. Our great outcome of innovations for new products made us obtaining our Ministry of Economic Affairs-project special subsidies several times. Chen Ying has owned several unique new patents of innovative products in Taiwan. Those new products focus on lowering the cost of customers’ production and improving the machines’ efficacy; therefore, we launched them into the markets that have earned high appraisal immediately.

Changhua Chen Ying Oil Machine requests ourselves always invent more practical, advanced, diversification, and even stunning products before the customer’s request

Partner to the Machinery Industry, Walking Together Towards the World's Stage

Through the 40 years journey, Chen Ying has developed a solid relationship with many industry partners and suppliers. Everyone is invited to walk together with Chen Ying onto a global stage where “integrity, professionalism, and quality” are valued.