• Air or Water Rotary Swivel

Air or Water Rotary Swivel

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  1. This model is only suitable for air use or water use. Please specify the Order Code while ordering. Please note this model is not suitable for any oil/lubricant/cooling fluid use.
  2. This model is single passage and please follow the instruction for connecting air inlet or water inlet.
  3. The body of rotary swivel is made of high durable aluminum alloy along with carbon steel rotor and high quality bearings for providing the best result.
  4. The maximum pressure for Air Rotary Swivel is 10kgf/cm² and for Water Rotary Swivel is 30kgf/cm².
  5. The standard rpm is 900 rpm. If request for higher rpm, please specify the Order Code while ordering.
  6. The swivel is designed for continuous operation at either maximum speed or maximum pressure. If the operating condition is close to maximum pressure and speed simultaneously, please specify it and consult with us.