• BS-6

BS Type Transparent Adjustable Distributor

  • Work with Resistance Lubricators
  • Suitable for Oil and Grease 

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  1. With the transparent glass tubes, it is easy to observe the oil volume and discharge actions. The oil volume is also adjustable upon the needs.
  2. The discharge volume of each outlet can reach to 1~2L/min depends on the type of lubricators or the oil pump that BS type distributor works with.
  3. It is suitable for machinery requiring large-volume lubrication, and it usually works with circulating electric lubricators, such as CLS type or work with heavy oil pumps.
  4. Recommend working with oil lubricators, and the max pressure is 30 kgf/cm².
  5. The max durable temperature can reach to 80.
  6. The viscosity range of oil is 32-220 cSt @40.