• CV-12 Progressive Feeder
  • Proximity Switch for oil use
  • Sensor Switch for grease use
  • CV Type With Sensor Switch
  • CV+Quick Coupling

CV Type Progressive Feeders

  • Work with Resistance Lubricators
  • Suitable for Oil and Grease 

Please select the specifications you need.:

*Inlet Bore
*Outlet Bore
Special Request
  1. Fixed amount of oil feeding that can supply the oil equally to each lubricating point. The discharge volume of each outlet is 0.18 cc/stroke.
  2. The discharge outlets can be combined together for large volume upon the request. The discharge outlets only can be combined by Chen Ying technicians. CV progressive feeders might not be able to work functionally if the outlets are blocked improperly.
  3. Each piston of CV type progressive feeders cannot deliver its lubricant until the preceding one has discharged.
  4. Each CV progressive feeder has an indicator sensor that can be easily seen if the operation is normal. A sensor switch or proximity switch that would send the signal during the operation or interval time can be assembled with the CV progressive feeder upon request.
  5. CV progressive feeders can be used for grease or oil and work with grease lubricators, resistance type and circulating type lubricators.
  6. The operation pressure range is 15 kgf/c㎡ to 150 kgf/c㎡ when using grease. The operation pressure range is 5 kgf/c㎡ to 30 kgf/c㎡ when using oil.
  7. The viscosity range of grease is NLGI grades 0 ~ 2. The viscosity range of oil is 32 ~220 cSt @40℃.