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Magnetic Sensor Reed Switch

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◆Function/Operation Specification:

The magnetic sensor reed switch operates by using a permanent magnet that shifts from its original position as oil passes through. The main function is to check if the oil flows through the pipes to assure the oil passes lubricating points. When the oil is still or empty in the pipes, the indicator doesn't register a signal, but when the pump operates, the oil flows through the sensor to its destination, the permanent magnet will register the movement and close the electrical circuit.
  1. Using the magnetic reed switch as a contact switch.
  2. The magnetic sensor reed switch can be easily adjusted to the position by the customer's need.
  3. It would not be loosen easily or sense the wrong movements during the vibration.
  4. .Simple structure and small interface contact.
  5. It can indicate small volume of movement.
  6. Easy to clean up the impurities.

◆Specification :

Max. Flow Volume:-----------------------------500 cc/min
Mini. Detected Volume:--------------------------50 cc/min
Suitable Oil Viscosity:------------------32~90 cst@40℃
Max. Pressure: -----------------------------------15 kgf/cm2
Installation Angle: --------------------------No Restriction
Net Weight------------------------------------------------90 g
Max. Current Load (Series Connections): 0.5A


It can work with resistance/circulating electric lubricators such as CED/W, CEN01/02, CESG01/02, CEF, CEH and CLS Type etc.