• Oil Auto Cleaner

Oil Auto Cleaner

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  1. The oil auto cleaner can be applied to wide variety of industries such as lubrication system, hydraulic system, machine tools, boilers, vessels, vehicles, iron and steel industry, and automation machines, etc.
  2. The construction of filter is assembles with large stainless steel gaskets, small stainless steel gaskets and filter gaskets with consistent compression to create high accuracy of filtration.
  3. To clean the oil auto cleaner, releases the bottom closure plug of the auto oil cleaner then turn the cross handle left and right several times in order to get the impurities off the spacer. The impurities would flow out with oil. The bottom closure plug can be replaced with a stopcock for easy clean regularly.
  4. The body of Oil Auto Cleaner is made of high quality of zinc alloy with stainless steel plates SUS304 that not only can assure the filtration accuracy and efficiency but also can extend the duration.
  5. The oil auto cleaner is suitable for 10 ~220 cSt @ 40 °XC.
  6. The suitable operation temperature range for standard oil auto cleaner is 0°XC ~90°XC. Please specify if the required operation temperature is not in this range while ordering.
  7. The oil auto cleaner can work with rotary oil pumps and heavy oil pumps to assure the oil clean in order to make pipes circuitous path smoothly.
  8. The volume of lubricant would be less after flowing through the oil auto cleaner due to the gaskets create resistance when the lubricant enters.