• CO-4 Standard
  • CO-1 Oil-Air Spray Gun
  • OA-4 Standard

CO / OA Type Oil-Air Volume Distributor

  • Work with Pressure-Relief Lubricators
  • Suitable for Oil

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*Discharge Volume

  1. CO and OA type could use air pressure to atomize the lubricant, and spread out on the lubrication points.
  2. Fixed amount of oil feeding. The lubrication points of volume distributor supply a fixed flow of lubricant.
  3. CO and OA type could work with Oil Air type lubricators. The air volume of CO type is fixed, and OA type is adjustable.
  4. The available discharge volume for CO and OA type is 0.01, 0.03, 0.06, 0.10, 0.16 cc/stroke.
  5. CO and OA type work with oil air type lubricators. The range of air operation pressure is 3.5~7 kgf/㎝², and the range of oil operation pressure is 20~30 kgf/㎝².
  6. CO-1 Oil-Air Spray Gun is designed for spreading minimum-quantity lubricant on each lubrication point equally. CO/OA distributor and CO-1 Oil-Air Spray Gun are suitable for cutting machine lubrication.
  7. The viscosity range of oil is 10-90 cSt @ 40℃.