• COA-03 Standard

COA Type Oil-Air Electric Lubricator

  • Metered Qil Quantity
  • Automatic Lubrication Controlled by Timer

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*Discharge Bore
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  1. COA type is pressure-relief type electric lubricator, which has to work with CO or OA type oil-air volume distributors.
  2. The feature of CO and OA type oil-air volume distributors is "fixed discharge oil volume". CO type has fixed amountof air, and OA type can adjust the amount of air.
  3. It has a pressure switch device and been set up as 8kg/cm , which assures the oil volume of lubrication points and checks if the piping works normally. The standard specification is NC (Normal Close) contact, which means if the pressure is abnormal, it will have abnormal signal.
  4. The timer controls the operation and interval time, and has sec/sec and sec/min model to be chosen. The electronic box has operation, abnormal and interval indicators.
  5. It has a pressure-regulating valve, which can adjust the pressure and is easy to check pressure from the pressure gauge.
  6. It has a float switch that can detect the oil volume. It will have an automatic signal when the oil level is lower than the minimum.
  7. It used a high quality alloy steel gear pump and induction motor that maintain steady output pressure and has low noise.
  8. It used a fuse to eliminate unusual electric currents and prevent the motor from overloading.
  9. A small buzzer is installed inside but also can add a large buzzer on request.

◆Application of Machines Equipment:
  1. The Oil-Air Lubrication System can spread out the oil on bearings, which has cooling and lubricative effect.
  2. It is suitable for cutting machine lubrication and bearing lubrication.