• CYP-204
  • CYP-204

CYP-204~CYP-210 Heavy Oil Pump

Please select the specifications you need.:


  1. The pressure and discharge volume is bigger than the rotary oil pump. It's easy to operate and install.
  2. Recommend to assemble with adjustable valve and working pressure under 10kgf/cm² in order to avoid damaging oil pump function.
  3. Use clean oil to avoid the block or damage the pump.
  4. Standdard fixed-hole direction is \. If the fixed-hole direction is /, please mark ※ T on order code.
  5. The proper oil viscosity is 32~220cSt@40℃9.
  6. Recommend to install an Oil Auto Cleaner or a Line Filter to prevent any impurities from clogging or causing damage to the heavy oil pump in order to prolong the life cycle of heavy oil pump.
◆Application of Machinery and Equipment:

   Suitable for various kinds of Machinery.