• POA Standard

POA Pneumatic Oil Air Lubricator

  • Metered Qil Quantity
  • Automatic Lubrication Controlled by PLC

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  1. POA Pneumatic Oil Air Lubricator is actuated by air, and controlled by an electric solenoid valve, which could be the pneumatic supply switch. The pressure is determined by the air input and discharge oil during operation time.
  2. POA is a pressure-relief type oil air lubricator that is controlled by PLC. Recommend to work with OC oil air volume distributors in order to have the ultimate result of oil air.
  3. OC oil air volume distributors can supply fixed and accurate volume of oil for each lubricating point.
  4. Recommend to use air operation pressure around 3.5~7 kgf/c㎡ and the maximum pressure can reach to 53 kgf/c㎡ (shown as the following chart).
  5. POA has a float switch that can detect the oil level. When the oil is lower than the minimum level, the float switch automatically sends continuous signals. The standard specification is NC contact and NO contact is available on request.
  6. POA has a Feed-Oil Button that can be used for manual oil feeding.
  7. POA has three pressure switch devices and the standard specification is NC Contact, which means if the pressure is abnormal, it sends continuous signals. NO contact is also available on request. ①O il-Pressure Setting is 20 bar for high volume oil to check the pressure of oil pipes and assure the oil is delivered to each lubricating point. ②O il-Pressure Setting is 1 bar for low volume oil to assure the pressure is normal and pressure-relief function is normal. ③A ir-Pressure Setting is 3.5 bar to assure the pneumatic supply is normal.
  8. POA is equipped with a pressure gauge that an operator can check the pressure easily.
  9. The suitable oil viscosity range is 10~68 cSt@40°C. Forbid filling oil with ester or ethylene glycol or any volatile liquid.
◆Application of Machines Equipment:
  1. It can be applied for the machine spindles, which the speed is around 15,000 ~ 20,000 rpm that require more precise oil flow lubrication.