• Rotary Oil Pump

Rotary Oil Pump(Clockwise or Anti-clockwise)

Please select the specifications you need.:

  1. Rotary oil pump is also called triangular pump or oil circulation pump.
  2. Recommend to assemble with 1/4 HP Horizontal Motor.
  3. The flow rate of CYP-10A ~ 13A are all different, and the standard model is clockwise. Please remark on order while request anti-clockwise one.
  4. It can be added an adjustable pressure valve CYP-AV as optional. The range of pressure adjustment is 0~5 kg/cm².
  5. Special request on assembling with reservoir or cyclic inlet or motor with fan, etc. are available. Refer to Chen Ying Circulating Electric Lubricator series products.
  6. The standard revolution is 1420~1720 rpm. Low rpm 450~1200 rpm is only available for CYP-12L type.
  7. It can be applied widely for lubricating or cooling in various machines.
  8. The suitable oil viscosity is R32~68cSt @ 40 ℃ and suitable operating temperature is 0℃ ~90℃.