• CLST-20 Standard

CLST-1/4 Type Cooling Circulating Electric Lubricatorr

  • Proportional Oil Quantity 
  • Automatic Lubrication Controlled by PLC

Please select the specifications you need.:

*Tank Capacity
*Rotary Oil Pump
*Discharge Bore PT3/8
*Cyclic Inlet
  1. This unit equips with a cooler and a fan that has better cooling effect. The standard specification is assembled with a CYP-10A rotary oil pump that the flow rate is 1.1~1.4L/min. Other flow rates are available upon request. Please refer to the specification for details.
  2. The circulating type lubricator which means the oil flows out from the discharge outlet into the oil pipes to the lubricating points then continues flowing back into the oil tank through the cyclic inlet. The cyclic inlet has a magnetic filter which can prevent the impurities from getting into the oil tank in order to assure the oil clean.
  3. After installing and connecting the discharge outlet with piping, make sure the oil pipes are fulfilled with oil before starting a new circulating lubrication cycle.
  4. It has a high quality alloy steel pump that not only can provide steady output pressure and low noise, but also can assure the oil reaches each lubricating point. It is suitable for applying in the large machineries' demands.
  5. It has a pressure-regulating valve which can adjust the pressure and check the pressure easily from the pressure gauge.
  6. It has a float switch that can detect the oil level. It sends continuous signals automatically when the oil level is lower than the minimum.
  7. The max pressure of CLST is 5kg/c㎡. The temperature of oil will be room temperature plus 10℃ after passing through the cooler.
◆Application of Machines Equipment:
  1. The circulating type lubricator can provide efficient cooling, lubrication and filtration that can reduce wear of the lubricating parts. It is suitable for the machines that require large discharge volume.