• CESG04-01 Standard

CESG04 Type Pressure- Relief Electric Lubricator

  • Metered Qil Quantity
  • Automatic Lubrication Controlled by Timer
  • Two Operation Modes Available

Please select the specifications you need.:

*Tank Capacity
*Time(Act x Interval)
*Discharge Bore
Special Request
  1. CESG04 type has a timer and the timer controls operation and interval time. The electronic box has operation and interval indicators.
  2. The timer of CESG04 can automatically memorize the operation and interval time. CESG04 is Turn-on-Feeding Type, which is suitable for the machinery that needs automatically oil feeding after turning on the power.
  3. Recommend to work with volume distributors. If works with CAB or CBB type volume distributors, it will feed oil during operation time. If works with CDB or T type volume distributors, it will feed oil during interval time.
  4. It has a float switch that can detect the oil level. The float switch is NC contact, which will send the signal when the oil level is lower than the standard.
  5. It has a feed-oil button ( F button), press the F button and the oil will feed immediately. Please don't press the F button more than three minutes in order to avoid overloading. If the temperature reaches 100℃, the sensor will be on to stop the motor running for about 5 minutes.
  6. It has a pressure gauge for checking if the pressure is normal.
  7. CESG04 standard doesn't have pressure switch or buzzer, but could be added on request.

◆Application of Machines Equipment:
  1. CESG04 is suitable for small machines, such as lathe, milling machine, grinding machine, etc.