• CKE-8 Left Type
  • CKE-20 Right Type

CKE Type Hand-Pressing Lubricator

  • Proportional Oil Quantity 
  • Manual Lubrication

Please select the specifications you need.:

*Tank Capacity
*Discharge Outlet Side
*Discharge Bore
  1. Easy to be operated by pushing the handle down for oil feeding.
  2. Small volume and easy for installation.
  3. Low cost, high practicality. It can be used in diverse machinery.
  4. The oil outlet can be on left-hand side or right-hand side of the unit. Ø4 or Ø6 discharge bore are avialable on request.
  5. The unit is equipped with reverse stopper that prevents the back-flow of oil.
◆Application of Machines Equipment:
  1.  This unit can work with the machines that do not need to feed oil at certain time.
  2. It's suitable for various kinds of machine tools and automatic machinery.