• KSC-30(110/220V)
  • KSC-30 with Magnetic Level Switch

KSC Type Grease Electric Lubricator

  • Proportional Grease Quantity
  • Automatic Lubrication Controlled by PLC

Please select the specifications you need.:

*Tank Capacity
*Discharge Bore
Special Request
  1. KSC type is without timer that could be controlled by Programmable Logic Controller.(PLC)
  2. It is divided by the volume of grease tank KSC-30(600cc), KSC-35(1000cc), KSC-40(800cc), and KSC-50(2000cc). Please refer to the specification for further details.
  3. Recommend using a grease gun for filling with lubricant from the grease inlet, It can avoid air or impurities dropping into the grease tank.
  4. It has a pressure gauge where an operator can check the pressure easily.
  5. Recommend working with CV type progressive feeder that can easily control the volume of lubricant. CV type progressive feeder can be assembled with NO (Normal Open) or NC (Normal Close) sensor switch on request.
  6. Its function is similar to KSB type. The difference is that KSC type is without timer but KSB type is with timer.
  7. Fill the lubricator with grease and let it run several times to exhaust air before mounting the distributors.

Application of Machines Equipment:
  1. It's usually used for plastic or rubber processing machines, pressing and special purpose machines, etc.