• MAG-50 Standard

MAG Grease Pneumatic Lubricator

  • Proportional Grease Quantity
  • Pneumatic Lubrication

Please select the specifications you need.:

*Tank Capacity
*Air Inlet
*Discharge Bore
*Electric Solenoid Valve
Special Request
  1. MAG has Taiwan Utility Model Patent No. M337029.
  2. MAG is a pneumatic grease lubricator actuated by air, and also can be controlled by an electric solenoid valve (optional), which could be the pneumatic supply switch.
  3. The degree of pressure is controlled by pneumatic supply as interval oil feeding.
  4. Pneumatic supply requires ON/OFF as operation and interval time switch. The operation time (ON) should set up as 25 sec. and interval time should set up as 5 sec. in order to complete one operation cycle.
  5. Recommend the pneumatic supply is 4 ~8kgf/c㎡ , and pressure range is 117 ~290 kgf/c㎡. Please refer to the following chart for details.
  6. It is suitable for grease NLGI grades 000~2.
  7. Recommend working with CV type progressive feeders that can easily control the volume of lubricant. The discharge outlets of CV type progressive feeders can be combined together for large volume on request.
  8. Fill up MAG lubricator with grease to exhaust air before the distributors are mounted. Recommend using a grease gun for filling with lubricant from the grease inlet.

Application of Machines Equipment:
  1. Suitable for plastic or rubber processing machines, pressing and special purpose machines, etc.